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If you are confronting a family law matter, there may be much at stake, including your parental rights, your property and assets, and even your own personal safety. Achieving a resolution that protects your interests is of the utmost importance, and even more so when your children’s well-being is also a factor. Handling these issues to the best of your ability often requires a strong legal strategy.

At Reifman Law Offices, our legal services extend beyond the divorce process to help you resolve a variety of family law issues. Attorney Arkady Reifman strives to handle each case with compassion and understanding, and to thoroughly educate his clients on the matters at hand, so they are well-prepared for what to expect. With nearly 20 years of family law experience, Arkady knows the issues you are likely to face and the most successful approaches to resolving them according to your needs.

Family Law Representation in Illinois

Family law encompasses a wide range of issues that may affect you and your family, including issues surrounding the beginning or end of a marriage, as well as disputes between co-parents and romantic partners. We provide legal representation for the following family law issues:


Ending your marriage means that you and your spouse will need to find a way to divide your marital property and determine how to share child custody and parenting time. You may also be dealing with issues including spousal support and the division of high-value, complex assets like businesses and investments. We can help you resolve all of the issues at hand through negotiation or litigation.

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

You may want to take steps before or during your marriage to protect your assets and property interests in the event that your marriage fails. We can work with you to draft or review a prenup or postnup to ensure it is legally valid and that it achieves your aims.

Child custody and child support

Divorcing parents are not the only people for whom child custody and child support are concerns. If you share a child with someone to whom you have never been married, you will need to determine how to share financial responsibility for your child, and you may need to work out an agreement regarding parenting time and parental decision-making responsibilities.

Paternity and parentage

When a child is born to unmarried parents, establishing legal paternity or parentage is a prerequisite to a child support or child custody order. Fathers will also need to establish paternity in order to secure and exercise their parental rights. We will work with you to establish parentage using the method that works best for your situation.

Same-sex family law

Same-sex marriages are legally recognized in Illinois, and same-sex spouses and parents have all of the same rights and responsibilities as those in opposite-sex partnerships. That said, divorce and child custody matters between same-sex partners can still be complicated. We can provide you with the legal guidance and representation you need to resolve these issues.

Domestic violence and orders of protection

Domestic abuse is a widespread problem, especially between spouses and intimate partners, and it may also affect children and other household members. If you or your child is at risk of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, we can help you obtain an order of protection from the person who threatens you.

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