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Uncontested Divorce

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A divorce can be a difficult experience no matter the circumstances, but it is often much easier when the spouses are able to reach an amicable resolution. If you and your spouse are on decent terms and you are willing to work out an agreement, you can likely save yourself substantial time, money, and stress by pursuing an uncontested divorce. It is in your best interest to work with an attorney who can guide you through the divorce process.

At Reifman Law Offices, we know that there are different ways to reach a divorce resolution. Throughout almost 20 years of experience, we have represented our clients in divorce cases of all kinds, including in amicable, uncontested resolutions. We can help you protect your interests and follow the necessary legal procedures as you negotiate an agreement with your spouse. Our flat-fee divorce packages start at just $1,200, and we will do everything we can to help you get divorced quickly and affordably.

Issues to Address in an Illinois Uncontested Divorce

In Illinois, an uncontested divorce means that both spouses agree that the marriage has broken down due to irreconcilable differences, and they agree on all terms of the divorce resolution. Before filing for an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse will need to determine how you will handle issues, including:

Property division

You and your spouse will need to negotiate a settlement regarding the division of your marital property, including your home, financial accounts, and any businesses established during the marriage. Uncontested divorce often allows for more flexible property solutions, possibly allowing each spouse to maintain priority assets.

Spousal support

Spousal maintenance or alimony does not have to be part of your divorce resolution, but if one spouse will need financial support after the marriage ends, an amicable resolution is often the best way to achieve it. You and your spouse can agree to an appropriate amount and duration of maintenance, as well as circumstances upon which maintenance will end. You can also agree to waive maintenance if you have the means to be self-supporting without it.

Child custody

Divorcing parents in Illinois have the option to create a parenting agreement together. This agreement should address how you and your spouse will share responsibilities for important decisions about your children, as well as how you will share parenting time.

Child support

Illinois courts will want to ensure that children of divorce have access to sufficient financial support from both parents, but you and your spouse may be able to agree to specific details of your child support order that apply to your situation. For example, you may want to address your child’s special needs or extraordinary medical expenses, or share costs for extracurricular activities and private school.

After you reach an agreement regarding the issues at hand, we can work with you to file a petition for divorce with your spouse, accompanied by your written settlement. We can also help you ensure that the court accepts your settlement so that your resolution can become final and legally binding.

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