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Temporary Support Orders

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Going through the divorce process can put a significant strain on your finances, especially in a high-conflict divorce involving contested litigation that may last for several months. If your financial resources are already limited, you may find it difficult to cover basic living expenses for yourself and your children, let alone find the funds to cover attorney fees and court costs. Fortunately, it may be possible to petition for temporary support and achieve financial relief.

At Reifman Law Offices, we know that the divorce process can take time, and waiting for the divorce resolution to address matters of child support and spousal support may be unfeasible. We can work with you to pursue temporary support payments from your spouse throughout the divorce process, as well as other forms of temporary relief. We have almost 20 years of legal experience, and we can help you remain financially stable while we represent you on the path to a more permanent resolution.

Temporary Maintenance and Child Support in Illinois

In many Illinois divorce cases, spousal maintenance and child support orders are included in the final divorce resolution. Maintenance, also known as spousal support or alimony, helps a spouse provide for their own financial needs when their income and resources are limited. Child support, on the other hand, provides for the basic and extraordinary expenses of raising children under the age of 18. However, because these orders do not take effect until the divorce is complete, they provide little relief for spouses who are living on their own while the divorce is pending.

For this reason, Illinois allows a spouse to petition for temporary relief once divorce proceedings have been initiated. If you wish to file a petition for temporary support, you will need to prepare a financial affidavit that demonstrates your need. This affidavit provides a summary of your current financial situation, along with supporting evidence like bank statements, pay stubs, and recent tax returns.

If the court determines that temporary maintenance or child support is warranted, the other spouse may be ordered to make regular payments to the petitioning spouse until the divorce is finalized. The amounts are up to the court’s discretion based on the details of the affidavit, and they will not necessarily reflect the amounts ordered in the final resolution. We can help you ensure that your needs are fully considered as the court makes decisions on both temporary and ongoing support.

Other Types of Temporary Relief

In addition to maintenance and child support, there are several other forms of temporary relief that may be granted during the divorce process. Many of these are financial in nature. For example, a temporary restraining order or injunction can stop a spouse from hiding, disposing of, or barring access to property and assets. In some cases, a spouse may also be ordered to provide funds for the other spouse’s attorney fees to ensure that both parties can participate fairly in litigation.

In cases involving abuse, temporary relief may be available to provide protection for a spouse and their children or pets. Relief measures may include temporary orders of protection from physical violence, temporary exclusive possession of the residence, and orders preventing a spouse from removing a child from the court’s jurisdiction.

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