Deception in the Divorce Process and the Vital Role of an Attorney

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Deception in the Divorce Process and the Vital Role of an Attorney

If you have come to the difficult conclusion that your spouse has sunk to lying over the course of your divorce, it is time to take action. Their lies can directly affect your legal rights, which makes reaching out for the skilled legal guidance of an experienced Illinois divorce attorney the best path forward. 

The Deception

There is a wide range of topics to lie about in order to bolster one’s own prospects in relation to divorce terms, including all the following:

  • Financial matters
  • The existence of specific assets and properties or their values
  • The other parent’s relationship with the children, including making accusations about child neglect or abuse
  • The marital relationship, including making accusations about spousal abuse 

Lies of this nature can affect your child custody arrangements as well as your property division, which makes the matter serious. 

Withholding Information About Income

While it is difficult to get much traction when it comes to lying about one’s income if your spouse is employed by someone, this is not the case if they are self-employed. Self-employment affords ample opportunities to fudge the numbers, and the matter becomes that much more challenging if your spouse runs a business that is part of your marital estate. Businesses also provide inroads into a vast array of mechanisms for cheating one’s divorcing spouse out of assets.

The Existence of Specific Assets

While actual real estate that is in either spouse’s name is difficult to hide, this does not hold for assets that are more liquid in nature. In fact, it is not difficult to siphon off funds to an anonymous account or to an account that is set up in a name that is unknown to you. 

Taking Action

If you have any reason to suspect your spouse of lying about anything in relation to your divorce, there is every reason to believe that they may be lying about more than you realize. If this is the difficult situation you find yourself in, taking all the following actions is advised:

  • Inform your divorce attorney immediately
  • Begin gathering copies of all financial documentation you can find
  • Consult with a forensic accountant sooner rather than later
  • Secure credible character witnesses – if your spouse’s lies pertain to your good name

The sooner you recognize there is a problem, the better prepared you’ll be to successfully address the issue. The fact is that Illinois courts do not appreciate this brand of divorce antics, and your spouse may be penalized for their efforts.  

An Experienced Illinois Divorce Attorney Is on Your Side

The Mr. Reifman at Reifman Law in Chicago cares about your case and will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to defend your parental and financial rights. Allow us to help you get to the bottom of your spouse’s divorce lies by reaching out and contacting us for more information today.  

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