Can a Professional Practice Be Divided in an Illinois Divorce?

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Can a Professional Practice Be Divided in an Illinois Divorce?

Yes, it is possible that an Illinois court will divide a professional practice in the case of a divorce. However, each divorce is unique, and the court should consider the realities of the practice before it chooses to divide it.

Do You Have a Prenuptial or Postnuptial Agreement Related to the Business?

If so, and either of these agreements spells out who retains ownership of the business in the case of a divorce, then the agreement will likely rule. Unless the court finds reason to invalidate a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, you may like your odds of retaining ownership of your practice if you are protected by a legal contract.

When No Prenup or Postnup Exists, Ownership of the Practice Is a Key Consideration

750 ILCS 5, also known as the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act, holds great influence in divorce proceedings, especially when divorcing parties do not have a preexisting divorce agreement in place. As you may know, this Act calls for the equitable distribution of assets among former partners, but the court should strive to allocate assets fairly and sensibly.

When it comes to a home or a pair of vehicles, it may make sense to divide the assets. So long as the partners acquired the home and vehicle while married, such property will typically be divided 50/50 or be granted to either party as part of the broader division of assets. 

When it comes to a professional practice, though, the court should consider the following:

  • Whether both parties contributed to the practice or whether one party solely owns and contributes to the practice
  • Which partner dedicates more of their time and resources 
  • The implications of dividing the practice and whether division would necessarily cease the operation of the practice

Even if you started your practice prior to getting married, there might be many avenues for an ex-partner to claim that they “contributed” to the practice. Ideally, a partner who has a marital claim to your practice will be willing to accept assets of equivalent value, allowing you to retain sole ownership of your practice (should you so choose).

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